What People Say about Face Cradle Insert...

I love it, you spoiled me!”  I take it every where I go!
—Donnell Curley, Massage Magazine

Mr. H. leaves his Face Cradle Inserts at his two massage therapist’s offices.  I have had many massages with and without the Face Cradle Insert and can easily say there is a great difference.  I enjoy the luxury so much that I purchased a second so I could have it for my other massage (treatments). ”
—Jr. H., Grand Forks, ND

...hey, by the way did I tell you how much I love that product?? I love it; I use it every single time! ”
—Teresa B., Grand Forks, ND

I have been using a Face Cradle Insert for about 9 months. I had jaw surgery over 25 years ago and use the Face Cradle Insert when I am lying face down on a treatment table at the chiropractor. It takes the pressure off my face and helps my head and neck muscles relax, giving me more benefit from the treatment I am receiving. This is especially helpful if I am receiving electric stim treatments which can last up to 10 minutes. I used to feel very uncomfortable and had to turn my head from one side to the other. An added benefit is that I don’t leave the chiropractic office with pressure marks on my face. Thank you for such a great product! ” 
—R. L. from Mpls, MN

I liked the feeling of even weight distribution around my face. The pressure was taken off of my ears and my neck was no longer kinked.
—Katrina Fields, Massage Student, TX

The face cradle insert feels very soft. I like that it holds your head up, not smashing the ears and evens out the spine.
—R. T.  , Massage therapist TX

Quote from a patient at Heartland Clinic shortly after they began using the Face Cradle Insert;  “I have been coming here four (4) years and only now you give me this wonderful thing! ”

“Excellent Experience Highly Recommend it.  A Plus!” Customer at National AMTA Convention, Cincinnati, Ohio 

Your products are very good. All my clients are happy with your products. Thank u so much.”
—Xiao Hui Liu Massage Therapist

...just a perfect "spa" gift! ”
—Bonnie Juma, RN, Healing Touch Practitioner & Spa Patron

I received your products and I must say they are wonderful! ”
—Jane Heffelfinger, Austin Therapy Results

Your face cradles just arrived today & we are thrilled with them. They really do make a difference for our patients.  I do deep & long bodywork on my patients (I have founded & developed my own method) & they are face down for a long period of time.    Your face cradles keep them comfortable & they are able to remain face down without any difficulty.  What a Godsend your product is.  We will spread the word.   Much success & abundance for you ahead.    Appreciate your product so much! Healing Regards.
—Dr. Connie

It is amazing something so thin can make such a big difference.  Our patients ask for the Insert whenever they lay down on the treatment table.
—Dr. Daniel Keifat, Grand Forks, ND

I have used the face cradle (insert) ever since I got it and my clients love it. There are no more face wrinkles do to face pressure. They all comment on how comfortable it feels.
—Karen Wojahn, LMT

I love your product it really works.
—James Waslaski International Lecturer, Inductee Massage Therapy Hall of Fame, FL

My patients have been wanting this for a long time.
—Kevin Gruhot DC, Grand Forks, ND

I can really feel the difference.
—Maui School of Massage

While making another purchase this customer said it was “….because my boss liked mine so much she's not giving it back! ”
—Julie Ericson, London England

I will not get a massage without my insert! ”
—Jody Olson, LMT

I like knowing that only my face lies on this.
—Wendy Brukholter, Spa Patron Executive Director, HI

You folks need to check out this product.
—George Kousaleos International Lecture, Core Institute FL, to his class in Mandan ND in 2008

I find that it highly benefits my clients with Rosacea.
—LMT Prince Hotel Maui, HI

What a great product!
—Eric Richter, Publisher, Maui Vision Magazine

I have been a licensed massage therapist for over 8 years now in Fargo, ND. I have always had to apologies to my clients for their chin having to ride on the bar that has been part of previous face rests. With this new face rest (FCI’s Therapeutic Face Cradle) when I ask new and past clients about comfort and specifically about their chin they tell me this face rest is very comfortable and easy to relax in.
—Jerry Wendel Daub, LMT