About Us

Face Cradle Insert (FCI), Inc. began in 2006 to pursue developing and manufacturing therapeutic products for the spa, massage and chiropractic industries. The inspiration for the first Face Cradle Insert came in response to a need by its designer and inventor (Kimberly Forness Wilson) to find a solution that would improve the comfort of a conventional therapeutic massage table for her face and neck injuries. When treated in the prone (or face down) position, the patient’s face mainly “fall through” the traditional horseshoe-shaped face cradle. This inappropriate positioning of the head, neck, and facial areas can result in considerable patient pain. Complementing (or upgrading) the existing/conventional face cradle with the Face Cradle Insert significantly reduces the amount of pressure and pain in the head, neck, and face areas, simultaneously increasing their support during treatment. Massage therapists often comment that the trapezoid muscles are much more relaxed using our products, therefore improving the treatment experience for the patient and easing the work effort of the practitioner.

FCI has several patents and has won several design awards, including the North Dakota Market Place for Entrepreneurs in 2007 and the 2008 InnovateND. The Face Cradle Insert and Therapeutic Face Cradles are award winning products that will significantly help clients comfort during massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, and physical therapy treatments.

The mission of Face Cradle Insert, Inc. is to enhance comfort and provide compassionate care products for practitioners and consumers in the Spa, Health and Wellness Industries.