The Idea

| Problem

Have you ever received a massage or treatment and when face down:

Well, you’re not alone...many people find being prone on a treatment table uncomfortable for their head, neck, and facial areas.

The client’s face has “fallen through” the hole in the face cradle apparatus. Her ears are “holding” her head up.

The “fallen through effect” forces her to use her neck and shoulder muscles in a tense and stressful manor.

The client’s face is not supported and has “fallen through” the hole in the face cradle apparatus.

Some Practitioners try to solve this problem with the use of a towel to “fill in” the face cradle apparatus. The towel tends to shift during treatment and be uncomfortable.

| Solution

The Face Cradle Insert has solved this misalignment problem in a brilliant and simple way through its Patented Four-Point “Keyhole” Facial Support System. With the added support to the areas of the head, neck and face the body is able to seek its natural alignment resulting in the client being more relaxed during the treatment.


The client’s neck is relaxed and extended. Her shoulders and neck muscles do not need to hold her up. Positioned for comfort, the client’s ears are not resting on the face cradle apparatus. The client’s face is fully supported and relaxed.

The Face Cradle Insert has the unique ability to assist the body in relaxing which allows the practitioner to utilize more effective techniques that enhance the clients’ therapeutic treatment. The client experiences enhanced comfort during therapy that improves the body’s ability to reach optimum health and wellness.

| Benefits

For Consumers:

  • Enhanced Comfort
  • Eases Pressure on Face and sinuses
  • Keeps head from going into a “nose dive” therefore less nose drips
  • No ears pinching
  • Stops “Falling Through” feeling and thus relaxes “bracing response” of traps and shoulders
  • Increased Effectiveness of the Treatment because they have more relaxed and supported
  • Less “Line-Face”
  • Greater Therapeutic Benefits that are Longer Lasting
  • When they own their own product they have their “own space” they lay down in where ever they go
  • Light and Portable!

For Practitioners:

  • Clients traps are relaxed they are not working so hard against tight muscles to assure a great massage
  • Improved Relaxation Response due to Increased Facial and Upper Body Comfort
  • More Effective Treatments by Providing Safe, Correct Alignment of the Head and Neck
  • Higher Client satisfaction due to greater comfort and better treatment
  • Less Effort for Greater, Longer Lasting Results
  • Increased Client Base due to Safe, Effective and Comfortable Treatments
  • New Revenue Growth Opportunities through Product Sales

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